Rick Owens talks to Filep Motwary


Photography by Kacper Kasprzyk

Rick Owens is probably the only designer in Paris who can be classed as a genuine phenomenon. Although he is never seen in any act of socializing, commercial networking or frivolous appearance, he is always somehow at the top of the list. Fashion loves Owens, as do many men and women. He is a loyal servant of style, and his loyal customers grow wiser out of each collection every season. His furniture and garments recall elliptic, curving typography; Bauhaus; darkness. Every time I talk to him, it is a new experience. Teach me, Rick. Continue reading “Rick Owens talks to Filep Motwary”

Only 6,99

Photography by Ismini Adami

Dapper Dan’s presentation at the “Minimum, Magazines that say more with less” exhibition, held at the  Hadrian Temple in Rome from 29th – 30th January 2011; curated by Angelo Flaccavento: An exploration of lo-fi language in contemporary fashion publishing; a selection of websites, magazines and blogs that pursue a personal language, based on trends and rhetoric in the industry. Other participants included Encens magazine, The End magazine, loseupandprivate.com, notmyshoot.tumblr.com, cotonblanc.tumblr.com.

Ari Marcopoulos talks to Filep Motwary

Self-portrait with a death mask © Ari Marcopoulos

Over a lengthy career, Ari Marcopoulos has continually shed his skin, like a serpent, to reveal another, shinier skin underneath. His photographs are naked and honest – what you see is what you get. He has been documenting American culture, and subculture, since the early 1980s, and has collaborated with Warhol and Basquiat. While not precisely mainstream, Marcopoulos’ still and moving images are evocative markers of the times we are living through. Over a prolonged inter- continental telephone call, he discusses his three new projects: the camera bag he has designed for INCASE alongside a limited- edition book of unpublished photographs, Now is Forever; a forthcoming show at the Confort Moderne gallery in Poitiers, and a film that features the spring/summer 2011 Yves Saint Laurent collection. Continue reading “Ari Marcopoulos talks to Filep Motwary”