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If you’re in Milan, drop by POMO to see “Dapper Dan: Not Here”, a photographic exhibition from the magazine’s archives. Opening tonight, Monday the 13th January at 18:30 at via Giuseppe Sirtori, 6, Milan. For more info click here

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Dapper Dan 08 out soon!

DD08_COVER 211013.indd

Dapper Dan 08 is coming out soon featuring, among others, AA Bronson, Aldo Maria Camillo, Consuelo Castiglioni, Simon Costin, Maxine Doyle, Pat Murano and Herbert Huncke. More soon…

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Harry Peccinotti talks to Filep Motwary

Self-portrait © Harry Peccinotti

Self-portrait © Harry Peccinotti

In the visual world, Harry Peccinotti is the epitome of a Renaissance man. As an artist, graphic designer, art director and photographer, he created a distinctive style in the 1960s that feels as fresh as ever— and is as mimicked as ever—today. His work captures women’s bodies and faces in a graphic, almost abstract way that has earned him the nickname “Mr Close-Up”. Despite a career that has spanned the art direction of Vogue, Vanity Fair and Rolling Stone, the creation of iconic title sequences for films including Alfie and Chappaqua, the founding of the groundbreaking magazine Nova, the almost single-handed introduction of models of colour into the fashion mainstream, and photographic commissions from the Pirelli calendar to the Vietnam War, the London-born, Paris-based legend was a bit shy when Dapper Dan visited him at home. Continue reading

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Light A Match, Start A Fire: Michael Gira Talks To George Skafidas

Photography by Zach Gross

Photography by Zach Gross

Slow-moving and punitive; visceral and crushing; dour and blatant; repetitive and atonal; never played the same way twice; constantly trans- forming into whatever is next; a process of discovery for its creators as well as its audience: the music of Michael Gira, and in particular his creative output with Swans—the band he birthed, bore, buried and brought back to life over the course of three decades—is disorienting and destabilising. With themes that plumb the depths of human depravity, it even touches on the horrifying. Yet for those who imagine music as a redemptive, transformative, epiphanic experience, Swans occupies a sort of holy space in the artistic cosmos. Continue reading

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Romeo Gigli talks to Filep Motwary


Photography by Vassilis Karidis

Romeo Gigli is utterly charming and undeniably Italian, yet also, at times, a solitary nomad. He is one of the very few European fashion innovators who turned the late 1980s and early ’90s upside down with subtle shapes that defied the aggressive angles of the time, and ambitiously eclectic collections whose mysterious origins and destinations prefigured the global influences that have now become standard. It was hard to find Gigli, as he swore distance and silence from the media after an acrimonious takeover and the subsequent breakdown of his company in the mid-’90s, and an ensuing dispute over the copyright to his own name that continues to this day. Yet his recent capsule collections for Joyce, the eminent Hong Kong- based group led by his old friend Joyce Ma, who, as a buyer for her eponymous boutique, bought his very first collection in 1985, are undoubtedly a success. It is proof that the romantic creator has a soul of steel. Continue reading

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Exit Sanity And Insanity

DD07_T01 DD07_T02 DD07_T03 DD07_T04 DD07_T05 DD07_T06 DD07_T07 DD07_T08 DD07_T10 DD07_T11 DD07_T12 DD07_T13 DD07_T14 DD07_T16 DD07_T17

In Dapper Dan’s seventh issue, the legendary couturier Romeo Gigli emerges from self-imposed exile to share an intimate history of his roller-coaster career; the photographer Harry Peccinotti revisits the heady days around the founding of the iconic 1960s magazine Nova; Angelo Flaccavento peeks inside the personal archive of the pioneering tailoring and textiles master Nino Cerruti; and the Brazilian designer Paula Gerbase explores a utopian future with her new label 1205. We also open our ears to the abrasive, transcendent sounds of Michael Gira’s venerable art-porn-noise collective Swans and Scott Soriano’s underground punk and archival releases as S.S. Records; and our eyes to the existential angst of Aristomenis Theodoropoulos’ acrylics and the glacial beauty of Henning Bock’s landscapes.

Buy online or follow this link for stockist details.

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