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Light A Match, Start A Fire: Michael Gira Talks To George Skafidas

Slow-moving and punitive; visceral and crushing; dour and blatant; repetitive and atonal; never played the same way twice; constantly trans- forming into whatever is next; a process of discovery for its creators as well as its audience: the music of … Continue reading

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The Rebel Abides: In Search of Ben Wallers

Even by the generous standards of modern garage lo-fi hipsteria, Benedict Roger Wallers seems inept and incongruous; a charismatic lone wolf in a cowboy hat or trilby and a tie whose electrified howls are too idiosyncratic to be broken down … Continue reading

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“It’s StIll Amateur Hour Round Here” Eric Isaacson talks to Bill Kouligas

Much is disputed or simply unknown about the mysterious, iconic label Mississippi Records, but a few facts are clear. Based on Mississippi Avenue in Portland, Oregon, like its namesake record shop, the label has spent most of the last decade … Continue reading

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Seriousness, Consequence and Prudence

As with any urban subculture, to really understand what the Mangas (as featured in Dapper Dan‘s second issue) is about, one has to dive into his music. Rebetika (the plural of rebetiko) were folk songs of the urban Greek underclass that … Continue reading

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A Study of the Mangas

“A mangas is distinguished by three basic principles: seriousness, consequence and prudence,” Takis Binis, the famed rebetiko musician, has said. The mangas’ street philosophy is based on the calculable relativity of life. He has a good time and takes his … Continue reading

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Texas Is The Reason

Josh T. Pearson looks a lot like Jesus, if Jesus came from Texas. He is a tall, broad-shouldered, magnificently bearded, twill-and-cowboyboot-rocking dead ringer for the Son of God. Some years ago, he was the singer in a band called Lift … Continue reading

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