Fashion photography cut diagonally by Caravaggio.

We can, of course, date the first pornographic representations back to the Venus of Hohle Fels—in other words, 35,000 before the present day. She nevertheless retains signs specific to fertility, despite the obscenity of the sexual parts. Ancient Greece then, in turn, consecrated the concept of erotic scenes, whose sole justification was the pleasure of observing fellow human beings giving themselves pleasure. Pornography has no other aim than to reduce divine urges to the principles of flesh and lowly humanity. Continue reading “Pornolepsia”

Olivier Rabourdin talks to John Jefferson Selve

Photography by Vassilis Karidis

Olivier Rabourdin is an actor. His face encapsulates the myriad paths of French cinema. He represents both the most niche arthouse cinema and today’s mainstream cinema, characterised by television series. This actor has both a man next door side to him and an unsettling strangeness, thanks to his deep blue eyes, somewhat unexpected or out of place in this face marked with lines that have been lightly and perfectly etched into it over the passage of time. It is in his dulcet tones that he tells us more about himself and his work. Continue reading “Olivier Rabourdin talks to John Jefferson Selve”